Hart Brothers
Going Nowhere Man
Going nowhere Man

what the hell you gonna leave em - when you're gone
how much pain an misery - can be done
it's a fast down hill tumble - till the end of days
when the hell you gonna learn - to mend your ways

the ice n snow is melting - fast away
the children of tomorrow - will have to pay
everybody, points there finger -we sure know who's to blame
just look ,in the mirror - we all look the same
in the world of goin nowhere - everybody, knows the truth if we could pull together - we'd know just what to do
but we're to busy taken - everything we can
that's why we're here livin -and goin nowhere man
the Moslems, Jews n Christians - can't get along
they've been - killing - each other - in the name of God
they're praying for the rapture - looking for the end
break it all in peace's - God can put it back again
in the world of goin nowhere - we could all be free
every man could be livin - the way he wants to be
but we're to busy hateting - every different man
that's why we're here livin - and goin nowhere man

goin nowhere goin nowhere goin nowhere man
Lyrics Credits: Buddy Hart
Music Credits: Alfred Hart
Producer Credits: Hart Brothers Music
Publisher Credits: ALBUD
Performance Credits:
Label Credits: ALBUD
Short Song Description:
Troubles in the world
Long Song Description:
The song speeks of mans inability to trust or work or understand each other
Story Behind the Song:
All the trouble in the world could be fixed, just over whelmed with greed
Song Length: 3:46
Primary Genre: Country-Americana
Secondary Genre: Folk-Americana
Tempo: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Doom
Subject Matter 2: Failure
Mood 1: Distressed
Mood 2: Frenzied
Similar Artist 1: Ryan Adams
Similar Artist 2: Bob Dylan
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later